Focus and Scope

MEDIOVA: Journal of Islamic Media Studies  is a journal that focuses on media studies and various communication issue of islam in society. The scope of this media study is related to media studies and islamic communication around issues such as:

  • Uses and Gratification of Mass Media and Journalism arround islamic country : this field aimed for examines journalistic activities and media production which includes print, radio, television, and internet arround islamic country.
  • New media and communication technology;  a new field of communication study that continues to develop along with technological advances and community needs, this field includes digital media, data journalism, artificial intelligence (AI) Journalism, interactive, hypertextual and networking,etc.
  • Film and advertising, this field aimed for some effect of vissual communication on film and any advertising campaign that impact in society, espessially issued for islamic society
  • Gender, ethics and media regulation, This field aims to develop and examine gender issues, journalism code of ethics, and media regulation in any Islamic country.
  • Public relations both government and non government with social and Islamic values ​​that oriented to global sustainability.