Plagiarism Policy

Scientia: Jurnal Hasil Penelitian has a Zero tolerance policy towards plagiarism. All articles are scanned through iThenticate Turnitin. Authors are requested to check plagiarism at their end also to avoid any unpleasant situation. Please respect the work of other researchers by proper quotation and citation in your article. If any article is found plagiarized, it will not be published in our journals.

If you find infringement of the copyright of your work in any work of Scientia: Jurnal Hasil Penelitian, please inform us with proper evidence for corrective measures. Contact us immediately in case of plagiarism related queries.

Possible Actions by Editor

Scientia: Jurnal Hasil Penelitian practices ZERO tolerance for Plagiarism. We use iThenticate to evaluate the similarity index and then the editor decides the case of possible plagiarism (Similarity report will be provided to the author). The editor has passed the following actions:

 1. Similarity Index above 40% --> Article Rejected (due to poor citation and/or poor paraphrasing, article outright rejected).
 2. Similarity Index (20-40%) --> Send to the author for improvement (provide correct citations to all places of similarity and do good paraphrasing even if the citation is provided).
 3. Similarity index Less than 20% --> Accepted or citation improvement may be required (proper citations must be provided to all outsourced texts).
In cases 2 and 3: The authors should revise the article carefully, add required citations, and do good paraphrasing to outsourced text. And resubmit the article with new Turnitin report showing NO PLAGIARISM and similarity below 26%