Call for paper Vol. 5 no 2 (2020)
The Scientia: Jurnal Ilmiah Hasil Penelitian invites authors to submit their research articles for December 2020 Issue, and get the change to win the Best Paper Award.

The selected paper will have the opportunity to participate in Scientia Best Paper Award with the total prize of Rp.1.600,000,-
1. 1st winning :750. 000,-
2. 2nd winning:500. 000,-
3. 3rd winning: 350. 000,-

Scientia welcomes empirical research with any methods or approach, particularly those that are relevant to Islamic studies, Social hummanities and Education issues.

The paper must be written in good academic English or Bahasa Indonesia. English will be priority.
Please visit Scientia website at :

Feel free to reach us at: +62 882-7649-4075 (Ichsan habibi)

"the deadline of the submission is 30 October 2020

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