Journal Profile

Edugama: Jurnal Kependidikan dan Sosial Keagamaan, ISSN 2598-8115 (print) and 2614-0217  (electronic), is published twice a year (Juli and December) by the Graduate Program IAIN Syaikh Abdurrahman Siddik Bangka Belitung. This journal departs from philosophy and Religious Education, which aims at becoming contain ideas, research results in educational, social and religious.

Term and Condition
The article sent by the author must be the result of a research or thought done by the author and is not the result of copying someone else's work. If in the future there is an inaccuracy in the contents (authenticity) of the work of the author, the Edugama editors are not responsible for the condition (authenticity of the work).

Financing conditions
Article writers are not required to pay fees related to the process of reviewing and publishing journal articles.