Romantisme Mahasiswa KKN: Pengabdian dan Asimilasi

  • Yusra Jamali Dosen IAIN Syaikh Abdurrahman Siddik Bangka Belitung
Keywords: Romanticism, students, devotion, assimilation


The Implementation of Real Work Lecture (KKN) is one of the subjects that must be taken by every student with a weight of 6 Semester Credit Units. The implementation of KKN activities in 2019 will be carried out simultaneously with the Educational Field Experience Practices program (PPLK), for students from the Faculty of Tarbiyah, facilitated by the Institute for Research and Community Services (LP2M). KKN participants in the village of Zed, Mendo Barat District, Bangka Regency, amounted to 18 people consisting of 8 students of Islamic Religious Education (PAI) Study Programs, 8 students of Early Childhood Islamic Education Study Program (PIAUD), and 1 person Tadris English Language Study Program (TBI). Implementation of activities that can be carried out by KKN participants for two full months 1) Tutoring (Bimbel) for school residents. 2) Yasinan for housewives and youth of the mosque, which is centered at Al Amin Mosque. 3) Reading huts for ordinary people. 4) Coloring contest for school children, 5) Making corn pillars as a sign that IAIN students have been present in the village. 6) Islamic Hasiri (New Year Hijriyah) Celebration Celebrations. KKN participants received a very respectable place among Zed Village residents. Zed Village is stated to have been very developed, with a very adequate educational background and citizen knowledge. this a condition can support and facilitate KKN participants to socialize in order to help improve the lives of the people of Zed Village.


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